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Three books by a UK Doctor on a variety of medical topics


Holistic approaches to Mental Health

Statistically, one in five people in the developed world will struggle with a mental health issue at some point in their lives. At the current time the go-to person is a doctor or conventionally trained psychological therapist. In this book the author argues that many aspects of this approach are outdated.

In this book, Mental Distress is classified using the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Model and the author explains how the medical profession is the correct go-to entity for only a defined section of this, and how a doctor’s training and skill set is unsuitable for areas outside this specific remit. This book considers several problem solving approaches outside the medical mainstream such as Healing and Buddhist Psychotherapy. It also discusses subjects that are completely taboo in Medicine such as Past Life Regression Therapy and After Life Spirit Communication.

This book is written for the lay person to allow for more informed choices in dealing
with mental health issues. It is also hoped that this book will bring a new and interesting dimension to the public debate on mental health.

Lorenzo’s Opinion

Alternative Medicine has been around for centuries. In the last 40 years, therapies and Medical Systems outside conventional medicine have been put under the umbrella term of Complementary and Alternative Medicine ( CAM). Traditionally, patients have experimented with CAM in search of relief when modern medicine has not been effective. In this book the author attempts to bring the subject up to date and evaluates the current status of the more popular therapies from a conventional doctors’ point of view.

Over a dozen disease entities are individually looked at and CAM is evaluated from the point of view as an adjunct to conventional treatment, based on the evidence. This book is written for the lay person and will hopefully assist sufferers to make more informed decisions when consulting with complementary therapists. It is also hoped that this book will be of equal interest to practising primary care physicians in guiding their advice to their patients who ask them questions to do with complementary therapies.

Weight Loss Diets

Healthy eating and weight-loss diets are of huge interest in the developed world.
This is against a backdrop of rising obesity in the population. In this book the author
Looks at the basic science around food and nutrition.

There is a round – up of some eight diet regimes that are currently in vogue and a chapter on plethora of fad diets that have passed their sell by date. This book is an attempt to explain to the lay person the science and myths around food and diets. It looks at the latest scientific evidence on a variety of issues from calories to cholesterol to weight loss regimes. There is also a chapter dedicated to the controversy around Statins, which millions worldwide take daily to lower ‘bad cholesterol’. If you have weight issues, have been on a diet, are considering going on one, or considering a new or different diet regime, this book is a must-read for you .


Mental Health Book

Section One
Still crazy after all these years. Categorising Mental Distress. Regulation of the Psychological Services Industry. Follow the money. Lorenzo’s story. How this book was written.

Section Two
A Layman’s Guide to Medical Practice. A Primary Care Physician Consultation. ‘Doctors only treat symptoms’. The Cost of Defensive Medicine. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Why Client Centered Therapy is incompatible with the Medical Model. Why doctors make lousy therapists. Common Blood Tests. Good Medical Practice. The Medical Management of Mental Health Issues. The Wounded Soldier.

Section Three
Freud and his legacy

Section Four
The Foundations of Client Centered Therapies. Abraham Maslow. Carl Rogers ( Rogerian Counselling). Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy). Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP). Co-Counselling. Emotional Intelligence ( EIQ). Transactional Analysis (TA). Client Centered CBT.

Section Five
Healing approaches to Therapy. Hypnosis approaches to Therapy. Posture and Movement approaches to Therapy. Nutritional approaches to Therapy. Feng Shui approaches to Therapy. Crystal Healing. The Bach Remedies. Herbs for Insomnia.

Section Six
Therapy approaches to issues around Self Esteem. Therapy approaches to Men’s’ Issues. Therapy approaches to Women’s’ Issues. Therapy approaches to Weight Issues. Therapy approaches to Trauma. Mental Health issues in Cancer Care. Spiritual issues around End of Life Care.

Section Seven
‘Spiritual but not religious’. Therapy approaches to spiritual crises. Transpersonal approaches to therapy. Meditation based approaches to therapy. Buddhist Psychotherapy.

Section Eight
Mind and Brain. Spiritual Development – a personal perspective. The Chakra System – a personal perspective. Evidence Based Religion. Eastern Spirituality and the USA. Arts, Crafts and Sports in therapy. Fate or Free Will- a personal perspective. The Spiritualist Scene in London. Science today. Sex and The Sacred.

Section Nine
My journey into the Buddhist talks of Ajahn Brahm.

Section Ten
Letting Go of the Past. Letting Go in the Present. Letting Go of the Future.

Section Eleven
Dealing with Difficult Emotions.

Section Twelve
Buddhist Meditation. The Buddhist View of The Pursuit of Happiness.
Miscellaneous Notes
Lorenzo’s advice on Mental Distress. Lorenzo’s note for doctors.

Lorenzo's Opinion

Introduction. What I learnt from my Practice. Five misconceptions the public have about doctors and Medicine. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Categorising CAM. Integrated Medicine. The UK story 1990 to 2005.

Acupuncture. Homoeopathy. Osteopathy and Chiropractic. Energy Medicine, Reiki and Healing. Herbalism. Ayurvedic Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Seeing a Herbal Practitioner. Other Therapies.

Structure of Presentation. A note for American readers. Asthma. Eczema. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Back Pain. Total Body Candida. Headaches and Migraines. Allergy Problems, Food Allergy and Hay Fever. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Cancer. Anxiety and Depression. Arthritis. Fibromyalgia. Female Problems, Pre-menstrual Syndrome and the Menopause.

Weight Loss Diets

Introduction to the book
Introduction. Basic Food Groups. The NOVA Food Classification.
The Harvard Advice. Dr Sandra Aamodt’s Theories.
The characteristics of Fad Diets
Introduction. The 5:2 Diet. The Dukan Diet. The Paleo Diet. The New Atkins Diet. The Alkaline Diet. The South Beach Diet. The Slimming World Diet. The Slimfast Diet. The LighterLife Diet. The Weight Watchers Diet. The Rosemary Conley Diet. The NHS 12 Week Weight Loss Plan.
Introduction. The Bristol Cancer Diet. The Gerson Cancer Therapy Diet. The Macrobiotic Diet. The Hay Diet. The Beverley Hills Diet. The Blood Type Diet. The Zone Diet. The Scarsdale Diet. The Hollywood Diet. The HCG Diet. The Ornish Diet. The 3 Hour Diet. The Cambridge Diet. The Pritikin Diet. The Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet. The Raw Food Diet. Detox Diets. The Body Type Diet. Author’s note.
Gut Microbes. The Gene Lottery. Time of Day. Tricking the Brain. Hormones. The theories of Dr Aamodt and her take-away points. Author’s note.
The Mediterranean Diet. The Japanese Diet. Vegetarian and Vegan Diets. Author’s reflections on the rice based diets of coastal parts of tropical Asia and the traditional vegetarian diets of India.
Wholegrain Bread. Whole Milk. Alternative Milks. Sugars. Salt. Healthy Oils.
The current situation in the UK. Understanding Risk. Controversy over NICE Guidelines. Is LDL the root cause of Heart Disease? Dr Bret Scher’s paper. Insulin Resistance. Author’s note.
Introduction. Adrenal Fatigue. Psychoneuroimmunology. The Gut Biome.
Vitamins. Minerals. Suppliments. Superfoods. Health Food Claims.


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Lorenzo worked as a full time doctor in the National Health Service between 1982 and 2012. Initially training as an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, he switched careers to retrain as a General Practitioner which spanned the last 16 years of his career. He now works as a private doctor specialising in advice on Complementary Therapies and advice on a spectrum of psychological therapies relevant to Mental Health. He is based in Richmond, London.


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